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WDIV: Walberg says rule that led VA to deny COVID vaccine to veteran will be fixed

March 10, 2021
Tim In The News
ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Don Schimmel, 93, is a Navy World War II veteran who is trying to get a coronavirus vaccine.
The VA in Ann Arbor said that he makes too much money to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. He isn’t looking for benefits, he just wants a vaccine.
“You are rejected, over the income limit to receive medical treatment through the Department of Veterans Affairs,” the rejection letter stated.
The letter informed him that any appointments or medications set for after Feb. 24 would be cancelled.
Rep. Tim Walberg said that Congress should have seen that COVID shots were included in rules they gave the VA when it came to healthcare.
Walberg said he saw Local 4′s report and reached out to the Ann Arbor VA.
“That’s how I became aware of it and talked to the Ann Arbor VA this morning,” he said.
Walberg said that it’s Congress’s fault for not seeing that loophole and Congress is going to fix it.
“It ought to get done,” he said. “This has put a negative light on them and they do good work we ought to be able to fix it.”
Bipartisan legislation is being voted on as early as Monday to open VA’s up to any veteran who wants the vaccine.
“The fact of knowing the story and you getting the story out may move us forward quickly. Common sense needs to be done,” Walberg said.