• Walberg to Host Military Service Academy Night

    Join us for an open house at Monroe High School on Monday, April 27 to learn more about military service academies.

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  • Tax Day reminds why we need a simpler, fairer tax code

    Walberg's op-ed in the Adrian Daily Telegram about the need for comprehensive tax reform.

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  • Walberg, Rand Paul Introduce the FAIR Act

    The FAIR Act is bipartisan legislation to protect the rights of property owners and restore the Fifth Amendment’s role in civil forfeiture proceedings.

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  • Bipartisan Accomplishments

    Despite our divided government, I have found that through honest debate and discussion we can often find common ground.

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  • Tim around the District

  • Tim around the District

  • Tim around the District

  • Tim around the District

  • Walberg Questions Obamacare's Impact on Tax Season

  • Walberg: Ambush Election Rule will Trample Worker Rights

    Rep. Walberg speaks on the House Floor about stopping the NLRB from rewriting union election policies that have served workers, employers, and unions well for decades.

  • Walberg blasts Senate Democrats for blocking DHS funding

    At a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing, Rep. Walberg challenges Senate Democrat leadership for being unwilling to even debate the DHS funding issue.

  • Walberg presses IRS Commissioner on rehiring employees with history of misconduct

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