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Jackson Citizen Patriot: Republican agenda aims to create much-needed jobs

January 25, 2013
Opinion Editorial

News of rising unemployment continues to populate the headlines. As a recent story by the Associated Press points out, several cities here in Michigan "endured big increases" in unemployment.

Unfortunately, high employment is not an isolated situation in Michigan. Michigan's statewide unemployment stands above 10 percent, and the policies of President Obama's administration continue to exacerbate an already bad situation. We do not need what the president and his administration continues to push.

During the first few months of my service in this Congress, I have been active in working to encourage job creation. My colleagues and I have passed legislation to repeal the health-care law, which would destroy jobs through higher taxes and onerous mandates.

We have passed legislation to help stop the EPA from implementing the "cap and trade" energy tax, and I have co-sponsored legislation to expand domestic energy production.  My Republican colleagues and I are steadfastly standing in the way of higher taxes and more spending, and we are working to stop out-of-control regulations so that the innovation and job-creating power of the private sector can be unleashed.  

And we are not stopping there. My Republican colleagues and I have put forth a forward-thinking plan for jobs. We know government cannot create jobs; instead, we can help support an environment where the private sector can flourish and create jobs.

Our jobs plan will reduce regulatory burdens. It requires congressional approval for any regulation that has significant impact on the economy or burdens small business. It will fix the tax code by streamlining and lowering tax rates: Lower taxes mean individuals and job creators are able to retain more of their hard-earned income that can be re-invested for job creation.

Our jobs plan will encourage entrepreneurship by updating, modernizing and streamlining the patent process to encourage private-sector innovation. And our jobs plan will increase domestic energy production to keep energy costs from rising out of control, and it will cut unsustainable spending that creates a crushing burden of debt for future generations.

As I speak with residents, I am constantly reminded how the lack of good-paying jobs affects them. In November, I was sent to represent the people of the 7th District with a clear mandate: to get government out of the way of the private sector so that jobs can be created. We cannot delay decisive action any longer.

We are showing leadership and proving that it's not about the next election, but it's truly about jobs and liberty for America and the next generation. We need the president and the majority in the U.S. Senate to stop standing in the way of our reforms that will encourage job creation.

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