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Never Forget

September 14, 2019
e-Newsletter Archive

Remembering 9/11


As a nation, we came together this week to honor the Americans we lost eighteen years ago on September 11, 2001. Nearly 3,000 lives were lost that day, as terrorists attacked us on our own soil.  It is a day etched on the hearts of those of us who lived through it. We mourn, honor, and remember the fallen heroes. We will never forget. 

Calling for Paul Whelan's Release


This week the Michigan congressional delegation introduced a bipartisan resolution calling for the release of Paul Whelan, a Michigan native unjustly detained by the Russian government for almost 9 months. Paul’s entire family, including his parents who live in the 7th District, are deeply concerned about his health and safety. Our delegation came together to raise awareness to Paul's condition and our resolution. It’s time for Paul to come back home to Michigan.

POW Priority Care Act


I testified before the House Veterans Affairs Committee this week about the POW Priority Care Act, bipartisan legislation I introduced to ensure we keep our promises to our nation's heroes. Currently, POWs are in Priority Group 3 at the VA, but our bipartisan legislation would elevate POWs to Priority Group 1. These heroes have done so much for us and we must make sure they receive the best and most timely care available. 

Improving Broadband Maps


When it comes to broadband deployment, it is critical to have robust and accurate mapping data so we can identify which areas are unserved or underserved. That's why at a Communications and Technology Subcommittee hearing this week, we discussed ways to improve broadband mapping to help ensure that no communities are left behind in the digital age.

Recognizing Elgin and Joanne Darling


I spoke on the House floor to recognize Elgin and Joanne Darling of Willis who are champions of agriculture and respected community leaders in Monroe County. The family farm is now in its 6th generation and has been operating since 1833. Because of their decades of farming excellence, Elgin and Joanne are being inducted in the 2019 Michigan Farmers’ Hall of Fame. Congratulations!