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Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Although criminal forfeiture has been an important tool for law enforcement, civil asset forfeiture has been used to seize, forfeit, and profit off property that may or may not be tied to criminal activity. We must maintain vigilance and oversight over the federal civil asset forfeiture program because it is too ripe for abuse. Additional safeguards must be implemented to ensure innocent property owners do not have property seized and forfeited without due process. 

To help curb actual and potential abuses and restore the balance of power back to individual citizens, Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and I introduced H.R. 2857, the Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act. This bipartisan legislation would: 

  • Raise the level of proof necessary for the government to seize property
  • Restore the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” by placing the burden on the government to prove a property owner had knowledge of criminal activity
  • Increase transparency of civil forfeiture proceeds by requiring more vigorous reporting by the DOJ
  • Eliminates equitable sharing
  • Requires all forfeiture funds to flow to the general treasury rather than the unaccountable Asset Forfeiture Fund
  • Reforms the I.R.S. structuring statute to protect innocent business owners from seizure
  • Grants counsel to individuals defending against civil asset forfeiture

    The FAIR Act has been endorsed by the Institute for Justice, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the ACLU showing the wide ideological spectrum that supports reform. Civil asset forfeiture reform is also supported by groups like the Heritage Foundation and the CATO Institute.

    Legislative Actions

    04/27/2021 - Walberg, Raskin Lead Bipartisan Push to Reform Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws
    07/30/2020 - Walberg, Rasken Amendment on Forfeiture Reform Passes the House
    06/20/2019 - House Approves Walberg, Raskin Amendment to Curb Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse
    03/27/2019Walberg, Raskin Introduce Bipartisan Reforms to Rein in Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse
    11/10/2017Walberg Leads Bipartisan Push to Rein in Civil Asset Forfeiture
    09/12/2017 - House Passes Walberg Amendment to Rein in Civil Forfeiture Abuse
    03/16/2017 - Walberg, Paul Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Curb Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse
    05/25/2016 - Walberg-Backed Asset Forfeiture Legislation Advances Through Judiciary Committee
    05/19/2016 - Walberg Applauds Judiciary Committee Legislation Incorporating His Civil Asset Forfeiture Reforms
    04/30/2015 - Leading small business, taxpayer organizations endorse the FAIR Act
    04/15/2015 - Paul, Walberg applaud Grassley for highlighting civil asset forfeiture abuse
    03/31/2015 - Rep.Walberg responds to DOJ’s new civil asset forfeiture restrictions
    01/27/2015 - Rep. Walberg introduced the Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act of 2015
    01/26/2015 - Rep. Walberg sends letter to Chairman Grassley and Ranking Member Leahy regarding civil asset forfeiture
    07/28/2014 - Rep. Walberg introduced H.R. 5212, the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2014, in the 113th Congress
    06/02/2014 - Rep. Walberg colloquy during H.R. 4660 CJS Amendment Debate


    05/30/2019 - Detroit Free Press | Reps. Tim Walberg and Jamie Raskin: States have changed forfeiture laws, now it's the federal government's turn
    06/05/2015 - Lansing State Journal | Rep. Tim Walberg and Rep. Kevin Cotter: Innocent until proven guilty? Not quite
    01/30/2015 - | Sen. Paul and Rep. Walberg: How feds can legally steal your money
    09/04/2014 - Washington Post | Rep. Walberg: Stopping the abuse of civil forfeiture
    04/30/2014 - Washington Post | George Will: The heavy hand of the IRS


    03/28/2019 - WLNS: Walberg Trying to Reform Asset Forfeiture
    09/12/2017 - Walberg Champions Amendment to Rein in Civil Forfeiture Abuse
    12/01/2016 - Walberg Questions DOJ, DEA Officials on Asset Forfeiture Abuse
    07/15/2015Walberg talks civil asset forfeiture, criminal justice reform at an Oversight Committee hearing
    06/25/2015 - Walberg testifies before the Judiciary Committee about the FAIR Act
    01/27/2015Walberg & Sen. Paul along with Reps. Ellison, Cardenas and Garrett introduce the FAIR Act
    09/10/2014 - Walberg spoke on the House floor about Terry Dehko, whose property was unlawfully seized by the IRS
    07/29/2014Walberg joins a Heritage Foundation panel to discuss civil asset forfeiture reform

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    06/04/2015 - MLive | Michigan House approves civil asset forfeiture reform, reporting package
    05/28/2015 - Daily Signal | Takeaway of Reform: It’d Be Harder for Authorities to Take Away Your Cash, Property
    05/19/2015 - CNBC | Police cash confiscations still on the rise
    05/12/2015 - The Atlantic | The Injustice of Civil-Asset Forfeiture
    05/07/2015 - Fox 17 | Federal, state lawmakers push forward on reforms for asset forfeiture laws
    04/23/2015 - MLive | Civil asset forfeiture reform package in Michigan House seeks to limit police confiscation power
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    01/29/2015 - Detroit News: Reform State Forfeiture Laws 
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