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House Passes Walberg Legislation To Bring Greater Accountability & Transparency to Government

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Washington, September 16, 2014 | comments

Washington, D.C. – Today, the House passed in H.R. 5169, the Senior Executive Service Accountability Act, legislation Rep. Walberg authored to provide greater transparency and accountability within the Senior Executive Service (SES).  The Senior Executive Service is comprised of senior level employees in managerial supervisory, and policy positions in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

H.R.5169 would make Senior Executive Service employees subject to the same employment standards as other civil service personnel.  It would streamline the process for removing members of the SES for misconduct, subject SES employees to many of the same rules for the employees they supervise, and would limit the amount of time an agency has to complete adverse action proceeding for senior leaders engaged in misconduct. 

“From the IRS to the VA, the American people have lost trust in the federal government to do the right thing. In many cases, these scandals have been spearheaded or continued by senior executive employees. My bill raises the level of accountability when misconduct occurs and provide greater assurances to the American taxpayer that Washington is being good stewards of their hard-earned dollars,” said Rep. Walberg following the vote.
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