Grants Information and Assistance

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Grants are generally awarded to government, non-profit, or public owned entities for the betterment of the public. Please note that federal grants are rarely given to individuals or for-profit businesses.

My staff and I remain committed to providing the best services possible to assist you. Our goal is to maximize grant funding for worthy projects in the 7th District of Michigan.

Identifying Grant Opportunities

To research  grant funding for a particular project please access information from the following links:
Congressional Research Service Informational Page on Grants

This is an informational webpage prepared by the Congressional Research Service, which gives guidance and Internet resources on Federal grants and nonfinancial assistance, as well as on private foundation funding. The slideshow "Grants Information for Constituents" provides an overview, tips, reviews key sources, and demonstrates doing a typical grants request.
Federal grants Website that allows organizations to electronically find and apply for current competitive grant opportunities from all Federal agencies. Grant seekers can check on notices of funding availability posted in the last 7 days; sign up to receive e-mail notification of future grant opportunities; and apply for Federal grants online through a unified process.

Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)The CFDA, issued annually and updated continuously on the Web, describes some 1600 Federal grants and non financial assistance programs. Grant seekers can identify programs that might support their projects as well as learn the program's objectives, requirements, application procedures and contacts.

Letters of Support

After you have identified a potential grant, my office may be able to write a letter of support on behalf of projects within the 7th Congressional District. Please contact my Jackson Office with the following information:

      • name of applicant, phone number and email address of contact person (s)
      • name and short description of grant for which you are applying (and the corresponding CFDA number, where applicable)
      • title and description of your project or program
      • short explanation for application of the requested grant funds
      • agency contact information, including the street address
      • preferred method for delivery of the support letter
      • deadline for submission of support letter

              Remember, my office is here to serve you. Please contact my Jackson Office at 517-780-9075 for more information.