Government Operations FAQ

 Government Operations FAQ

Will Soldiers, intelligence workers, and security personnel still work?

A: Yes, positions that are deemed essential to the operation and safety of our nation will still be filled.


Will Federal Courts stay open?

A: Yes, Federal Courts will operate off of reserve funds they have on hand. 


Will Federal locations – such as the Smithsonian Museums or National Zoo – remain open?

A: No, these sites will close to the public, however the animals will still be cared for, and the contents of the museums will still be monitored.


Will the IRS stay open?

A: No, most IRS administrative functions will close in the case of a Government Shutdown.  This would mean that all refund checks, as well as tax audits and other IRS functions would be postponed until after the government re-opens.


Will Social Security checks and Medicare payments still be received?

A: Yes.  Social Security checks will still be sent out to those who qualify for the benefits, and Medicare payments will still be made to medical providers.


Will the Post Office close?

A :No.  The United States Postal Service is owned, but not operated by the government.  Therefore, the Postal Service will still deliver mail on a regular schedule.


What State programs will be affected by a government shutdown?

A: All federal re-imbursement and processing of grants to states and other award recipients will be suspended until the government re-opens.  However, grant award recipients will have the funds delivered after the shutdown ends.


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